Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

This week my top ten will be the crazy things I've heard my kids say in the past week.

10. "Be Quiet Connor! I want mom to sleep in so we miss the bus."

9. "She always says she farted, even if it wasn't her."

8." I don't want the Easter bunny to wake me up."

7."Cut everything off but please leave the sideburns."

6. "Can I wear shorts if it snows tomorrow?"

5. "Ethan smells like rotten Sue."

4. "Is Easter on Sunday this year?"

3. "I painted my rubber ducky but I didn't make a mess."

2. "They wont let me hit them with sticks."

1. "I asked him if he had some dwarf in him but he said no."

1 comment:

Skybrook said...

LOL! Kids say the craziest things... well so do some adults! LOL!