Monday, May 25, 2009

Connor's Carnival Party

My cutie! Don't mind the crazy face paint. The kids painted eachother.

Ethan playing pick the Duckie.

Kendra picking a duckie.

MMMMM, chocolate covered banana.

The older kids chillin.


It's really hard to believe that my baby is now seven. It seems like just yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital. Happy birthday my sweet little man.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fuzzy playing with the kids.

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I will call him Fuzzy and he shall be mine...

I brought Mr. Fuzzy Face home on Friday. He seems to be adapting to my crazy house pretty well. He is training pretty awesome (or maybe I am lol) and is having a great time with all of the kids. The only gripe I have is that he is an early riser. He likes to get up at around 5 a.m. and is ready to play. Anyone who know me knows that I am NOT a morning person. The baby usually doesn't even get up until 8 a.m. It's a very scary sight when I am outside with one eye closed , in my jammies, and walking a puppy at 5am. I hope everything continues to go well and I really hope he learns to sleep in some.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Cuteness

Some flowers from my boys
Fuzzy Face

Sammie and Connor. They somehow managed to dress alike that day.

Anthony striking a pose

Ethan enjoying the swings

Foofa holding Tracey's puppy

Mr. E checking out the puppies

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Friday, May 8, 2009


Everything went great on Wednesday when Tony had his tonsils out. He did so much better than I thought he would. Yesterday was a different story. At around 10:00am he started yelling for me. When I got to him (he was in the bathroom) I see the entire sink has blood all over it. He was leaning over the sink and there was blood just pouring out of his mouth. He was losing insane amounts of blood. I called the the number of his discharge papers and after they put me on hold they told me to bring him to the office. Meanwhile, Tony is still hemorrhaging out of his throat. I hung up and realized that he would definitely need more than just an office visit. The blood was coming out fast and I was afraid the he would soon go into shock and fall over. I had to call 911. OMG, they took 25 minutes to get to my house. I called my sister to get the kids and she beat the ambulance to my house. The bleeding slowed down right before they left. I followed the ambulance to the hospital. When I got into the Er they sat me in the waiting area and said they would call me back when he was settled. They called me back about 10 minutes later and things were moving quickly as he began bleeding badly again. He was so calm. I would have been crazy if it was me. He had to go to surgery to get it fixed . They didn't even take his shorts off because he couldn't lay back at all because he was choking on the blood. It was bleeding too far back for suction to work. He did well in surgery and they decided to admit him to the ICU step down unit. I went home after he was settled. I was going to bring the kids to see him but he called me and told me to just come and pick him up. The Dr released him. I can't believe they let him go so quickly. So now we are just hoping and praying that it doesn't happen again. I have never seen anyone bleed so much and still be conscious. I think that him staying calm helped a lot. Poor guy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tony is going to say goodbye to his tonsils

So long...crazy snoring
farewell...sleep apnea (hopefully)
goodbye...crazy tonsil infections

hello...husband who will milk his recovery as long as possible the big man baby laying around whining for weeks

I am praying that everything goes well with the surgery but I am not looking forward to the recovery.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Swine Flu Crazies...

What is the deal with this swine flu madness? I mean, I really don't want to get it and I don't want the kids to get it but I think the media is out of control. They are freaking people out. I don't know why they are closing schools down. Are they NOT telling us something? They never close schools down for the regular flu that kills thousands every year. The whole thing seems rather nutty to me. What is your take on it?